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Organ Rebuilding, Re-Engineering, and Additions

Photo of the pipe organ console in front of the organ facade with Trompette en Chamade at Briarlake Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia

In addition to building new organs, our firm is a major rebuilder of existing organs. We have rebuilt numerous instruments by companies long since passed and many by firms currently in business. The same quality and ethic we use in organ-building is employed in organ rebuilding. Traditional materials are encouraged, and if desired, our firm can be sensitive to preserving an instrument as it was originally installed, without alteration. We are also willing to consult on changes that will expand the tonal capabilities of the organ. When additions are installed, they are scaled and voiced to provide a cohesive blend with the existing instrument.

Many instruments have been built with stops or entire divisions “prepared for.” And, very often it is desired to add to an existing instrument to increase its flexibility and sonority. It is very important that additions be designed in keeping with an instrument’s tonal design and with a keen understanding of, and appreciation for, the original builder’s intentions. Our firm will work with you to design additions so they are properly scaled and voiced to provide a harmonious blend with the instrument. This will ensure the success of the additions without creating tonal anachronisms. The A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company welcomes the opportunity to consult with you on your organ needs. We invite you reach us via phone, fax, e-mail or by using the “Contact Us” form available here. We look forward to being of service to you!

Closeup photo of the organ facade with Trompette en Chamade at Briarlake Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia The instrument seen to the upper left is located in the main sanctuary of the Briarlake Baptist Church in Decatur (Atlanta), Georgia. The original instrument was a three-manual Reuter to which our firm added a fifth division, the Ancillary division, as well as other additions to tonally complete each division. A new relay was incorporated and a four-manual Aeolian-Skinner style console was manufactured to control the enlarged instrument. The facade was designed into what originally stood as a white wall of tonal fabric. The two mounted chamade reeds completed both the facade and the tonal ensemble, providing contrasting solo and chorus festival reeds. The result is an organ which stands among the largest of instruments in the Atlanta area and continues to receive outstanding reviews from the organists who perform at this venue. Briarlake Baptist Church ministers to a large congregation throughout North Decatur. Our firm also engineered and added the exposed Great division to Briarlake's chapel organ.

For the project of restoring the 1896 Pilcher's Sons organ of the First Baptist Church of Dalton, Georgia shown in the right column, we not only restored the action and pipework, but also revived the beautiful hand-painted, stenciled facade. Click on the picture in the right column for more information and photographs.