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Affordable two-manual pipe organ Affordable Two-Manual Pipe Organs! A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Builders is very pleased to introduce our new line of affordable 2-manual pipe organs. These organs have been designed, engineered, and programmed for our CNC machine. Because of this investment, we are now able to offer them at very affordable rates. Click here for details, specifications, photos and cost information.

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UPDATE      1856 Knauff 3M Tracker organ in Savannah, Georgia          UPDATE

There is an old and very wise Chinese proverb that states that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The Andrew Bryan Community Development Corporation, in conjunction with the A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company, is committed to find funding from many sources to fully restore the 1856 Knauff 3-manual mechanical action pipe organ located in the First Bryan Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia. The amount of contributions needed to complete this project is $1,500,000; this seems like an astronomical amount of money to spend on a musical instrument. Granted, not everyone with some discretionary monies available for charitable causes can embrace the idea of saving an historic church organ. Not everyone with some charitable monies available can warm to the idea of saving an animal species from becoming extinct, never to be seen again walking the earth. However, it is important to realize that even the smallest contribution brings this important project one step closer to the ultimate goal – listening once more to an instrument that died almost 40 years ago, one of only nine left in existence. It can be brought back to life.

Why does it cost so much money to restore this instrument? The original parts that made up this instrument in 1856 were all fabricated by hand: The 2403 pipes, from 16 feet long to the size of a soda straw, the windchests on which the pipes rest and supply air to the pipe when the corresponding key on the console is depressed, and the hundreds of mechanical connections between each key on each of the three keyboards and the respective pipe when an individual key is depressed. All of these thousands of parts were fabricated by dedicated artisans, by hand, using the rudimentary tools of the day. The complete restoration will involve remaking all of the parts necessary to make the instrument fully functional as it was in 1856. Fortunately for the restoring agency, there are 8 other instruments still extant by the same builder which can be utilized as design patterns for the necessary parts. Still, there are trips involved to these existing venues, drawings to be made and parts to be fabricated. To draw a comparison, imagine having to restore a 1903 Cadillac Model ‘A’ automobile with a bare bones body and half an engine remaining. The tolerances in the manufacture of the organ parts would be much closer than the Cadillac automobile to avoid interference one with another.

So you see, your contribution, no matter the size, is another step towards the completion of the journey. If you believe that the restoration of this pipe organ to save it from complete extinction is a worthwhile project, help us walk the thousands of steps it will take to complete this journey. We have applied to dozens of charitable foundations for help in funding, but are asking none for complete funding. This is a project that will greatly benefit the musical heritage of a young nation. It’s not too late!

A Diamond in the Rough - 1856 Henry Knauff 3M tracker pipe organ

First Bryan Baptist facadeA. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Co. is very pleased to have been selected to repair and completely restore the 3-manual tracker organ crafted by Henry Knauff of Philadelphia PA in 1856. The organ is installed in the First Bryan Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia, the oldest, continuous African-American Baptist Church in North America. The organ originally had 54 ranks/43 stops, 56 note manuals and 24 note pedalboard. It contains approximately 2540 pipes. This pipe organ incorporated a Piccolo division in the specification for solo registrations. This organ is one of only nine Knauff organs remaining in the United States, and is the largest of the nine. As you can see from the following photos, the organ is currently unplayable, and we have been charged by the church to commence a fund drive on behalf of the church which will enable us to rebuild and restore this extremely important historical instrument in our home state.

First Bryan keydeskFirst Bryan windchest

If you would be willing to help us by contributing to the effort of this important and outstanding restoration, please go to "" and type into the search block "Restore 1856 Knauff pipe organ", and thank you so much!


Rendering of facade for First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia

  Shown at right is the artist rendering for the new 3-manual 49 rank instrument A.E. Schlueter is building for the First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon,Georgia. Completion and installation of the instrument is scheduled for Christmas 2017.






Have You Considered an A.E.Schlueter Maintenance Contract for Your Pipe Organ? The A.E.Schlueter Pipe Organ Co., as well as designing and crafting new and rebuilt pipe organs, is also well known for their servicing and maintenance of over 240 pipe organs throughout the United States and abroad.

Many churches and institutions rely on "ad hoc" maintenance for their instrument, calling for service and/or tuning whenever it is deemed mecessary. This is costly for the customer, as it normally necessitates an out and back trip to the customer, resulting in higher costs for the repair.

A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Co. offers a one year renewable contract for a fixed price per annum, which includes:

  • Two full tunings per year scheduled with the institution in advance, and also including minor repairs during the tuning visit.
  • Emergency repair call-outs at a greatly reduced cost.
  • Many times, service problems can be resolved with a phone call to us, also at no charge to the customer.

A major advantage to the pipe organ owner is the ability to budget the organ maintenance cost for the entire year in advance.

Give us a call to see how we can save you money on your pipe organ service. There is never a charge for an informative proposal

We have added slide shows of production photos to our website. Some photos were already available on pages about specific organ projects, but we have made an effort to post more photos to provide an inside peek into the processes involved in the building and rebuilding of pipe organs and pipe organ consoles. More photos will be added as time allows.


Our new calendar is now ready! Including 24 months, January 2015 - December 2016, it features many of our new and rebuilt pipe organ installations, plus many more photos than before, including production and installation photos. Call today, 770-482-4845, to request your FREE copy of the new calendar, or use our calendar request form, to make your request.

image of recent The American Organist, The Diapason and the Theatre Organ magazine covers featuring Schlueter organs

RECENT COVER ARTICLES featuring new Schlueter organs are now posted. Complete authorized copies of the article reprints are available using Adobe Reader to view or print the files for your convenience. Schlueter organs have been featured on the cover of eleven different issues of national industry trade journals, including The Diapason, The American Organist, and Theatre Organ magazines.


International Pipe Organ Builder

global export emblem A. E. Schlueter International Pipe Organ Builders now offers selected pipe organs for export to Japan, China and South Korea. Other countries are being added to this list. Click here to visit our web sites for these countries in their native languages.
A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company is pleased
Rendering of facade for Iglesia ni Cristo Central Temple in QuezonCity, Philippinesto announce the completion of a new 50-rank pipe organ for Iglesia ni Cristo, Central Temple, in Quezon City, Philippines. The resources of this new instrument are controllable from a IV-manual drawknob console. A unique feature includes several divisions of the organ have organ chambers with contiguous openings into side chapels which can be closed off from the main Temple to allow the organ to also be playable as two separate, albeit smaller, two-manual instruments. To provide support for worship in this grand and prodigious space, we have made use of generous scales and higher wind pressures.


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Why Choose A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company?

    Closeup photo of pipe organ drawknobs
  • We strive to maximize your financial resources without compromising quality.
  • The largest pipe organ builder and rebuilder in the Eastern United States.
  • Bonded and fully-insured pipe organ builder and rebuilder.
  • Financially stable, D&B rated company located in our own physical plant.
  • Our staff of dedicated organ professionals build and rebuild organs in our Lithonia, Georgia facility.
  • State licensed electrician and electronic engineer on staff.
  • Pipe organ design engineer and architect with more than 50 years experience on staff.
  • Working with all types of organ actions, since 1973.
  • New and rebuilt pipe organs set up and tested in our erecting room prior to installation.
  • Complete onsite voicing facility.
  • All organ consoles are custom built inhouse.
  • We offer expertise in maintaining organs of all major manufacturers, and are contracted to maintain and tune 225 pipe organs.
  • "American Pipe Organ Construction Standards and Guidelines for Building, Rebuilding, Repair and Tuning" used as our standards for organ building and rebuilding.

Have You Played an A. E. Schlueter Console?

Thumbnail photo of 5-manual pipe organ console at Atlanta First United Methodist Church, custom designed and built by A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Company

A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company, Inc. manufactures some of the highest quality consoles in the United States. We can repair or rebuild your present console or construct a new console suited to the exact needs of your instrument. Patterned after the timeless designs of Aeolian-Skinner, every one of our custom consoles is "hand built" to ensure the best possible console for your instrument. Visit our console page for more information.

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